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    A Guide To Choosing the Best Local Repairman

    A Guide To Choosing the Best Local Repairman

    Do you need a handyman or a tradesman?pan-majster

    Does my repair job require a licensed professional? This is the first question that you need to answer. If the answer is “yes”, then visit the website

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    13 National Ave NW Grand Rapids, MI 49504
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    For example, your pipes have frozen you’ll need a licensed plumber. On the other hand, many common repair jobs can be completed by a good handyman.

    The Boy Scouts have it right.

    The Boy Scout motto, ‘be prepared’, is a good one. Now, when everything is working right, is the time to decide who you’ll call when problems arise. You’ll want someone to handle general repairs and contractors with a license to address problems in areas that require one, including:

    – plumbing

    – electrical work

    – HVAC (heating, ventilation, air conditioning) work.

    License requirements give you protection.

    Picking someone to do work that requires a license should be fairly straight forward. Any tradesman qualified to do your repairs will be able to do so. You’re protected by the codes a tradesman must follow.

    Since skill levels will be similar, selecting someone for work that requires a license depends on other factors such as:

    — How the work is priced? Good work deserves good pay but no one wants gouged either.

    — Work habits. No employer wants a worker that wastes time on a cell phone and cigarette breaks and you shouldn’t either.

    — Congeniality. All things being equal, wouldn’t you rather have a pleasant (though still professional) person in your home than some old grouch?

    But how do you find these things out?

    Finding reliable repairmen requires time and effort. That’s why it’s a good idea to do it ahead of time. There’s nothing better than word of mouth. Ask around to find out who people you know have used to do their repairs. There are services that provide the kind of information you’re looking for. It doesn’t hurt to check out a potential contractor with the governmental agency that licensed him either. Finally, conduct your own interviews. After all you’ll be paying this person.

     What about general repair work?

    Selecting a handyman might be more difficult than choosing a skilled professional. You won’t be protected by a set of codes and if the person works for his or her self you can’t complain to their boss either. You can still ask around and still conduct interviews. Look for:

    — Someone who chose the work. (Not someone who was forced handymaninto it because they lost or were denied other jobs for incompetence or bad attitudes.)

    — A person who demonstrates knowledge in many areas. You want someone with answers,  not someone who is confused by your problems.

    — An active and limber person. You may be asking them to go on a roof or creep through a nasty crawlspace. Their safety and perhaps your liability may depend, in part, on their physical fitness.

    Whether you need a professional or a jack of all trades the search process will be similar. It’s also a good idea to have alternate choices. So, if your plumber is out of town, or your handyman isn’t so handy after all you’ll have a backup plan.

  • Why Do They Drug Test?

    When an individual applies for any job position, the employer will require them to complete certain requirements before they can start. Some of the requirements may simply verbal after they have completed their interview. Or, the applicant may be handed a large stack of forms that must be completed before the hiring process is complete. Regardless to the company and the type of position that the company is hiring, there are some things that must be done before the job offer is official. In some cases, the applicant may be required to take a drug test as a prerequisite as well like in RSDT.

    Employer Requirements for Taking the Drug Tests

    Before an individual takes the drug test, they may have some questions as to why. Even if they have never taken drugs before, they want to know if their rights will be violated. Also, the reasons why they will be required to take the drug test as a condition of their employment. Therefore for people who are concerned about why and if it is legal for the drug test to be administered, here’s three reasons why it’s a requirement for pre-employment.

    Qualification for Worker’s Compensation Discounts

    When a company tests their applicants prior to the official offer letter being valid, they are following state guidelines. Based on state that the company is located in, they may provide workers’ compensation discounts on insurance premiums. By testing applicants before they become employees, they are maintaining a safe drug free workplace environment.

    Avoid Legal Liability

    When an employee is hurt on the job, they may be liable for the incident that occurs. This is why employers work hard to make sure the environments that their employees work in at all times are safe. These safety guidelines include avoiding potential injuries, accidents and fatalities on the job. So, liability and drug use are also great issues of concern. Specifically, since the potential for someone being hurt on the job when they are drugs increase substantially as well. Therefore, in order to keep the workplace safe and avoid any unnecessary liabilities, employees are drug tested so that no incidents occur.

    Productivity and Saving Money

    failed-drug-testAnother common reason for administering drug tests to employees before they are hired into certain jobs is productivity. To make sure that the operation’s productivity does not go down, this test can be administered. According to numerous studies, people who take drugs are more likely to miss many more days of work each year. Especially, in cases where they are not able to do the work or they are simply too high on drugs to make it in to work at all results to why they do drug test. So, some employers who want to protect the productivity on the job will also administer drug tests. These can only be administered when the law provides this latitude in the legislation. For instance, OSHA and FAA have drug tests requirements for people who work in positions like:

    – Mechanics on Planes
    – Drivers for specific types of vehicles
    – Jobs that inspect planes before they are released for flight

    All of which require an employee to be at their maximum capability and not be compromised by drugs.

  • 5 Techniques For Overcoming A Saliva Drug Test



    Most employers across the United States require their workers to submit to a drug test of some type, and there are many different options of tests available. A saliva drug test is one of the most common tests administered by employers, whether they be to existing employees or potential employees. The overall process is simple: a cotton swab will be used between your bottom cheek and gums, then held there for approximately two minutes. It is then removed and sent off to be tested.

    It’s important to note that all drug tests are not always 100% accurate. What this means is that even though you may not have taken any illegal drugs, chances are that false-positives could still show up as a result. You will read more about those and what can cause them further on in this article.

    While it may seem impossible, there are actually ways to successfully pass a saliva drug test if you have recently taken any drugs. Here are five useful techniques to consider and make note of in order to help make this happen.



    If possible, try to make an attempt to delay having to take the saliva drug test for as long as you can. Generally, you will want to aim for 24 hours or longer. This will allow most or all of the tainted metabolites to leave your system, but keep in mind that it can take a few hours for this to happen.



    Perhaps the best things to eat approximately one hour prior to taking a saliva drug test are meals that are high in fat. This will speed up the overall absorption of any tainted metabolites and will allow the test to not detect them.

    You also will want to ensure that you drink plenty of fluids – preferably water – before taking the test. This will not only keep the fluid in your mouth moving, but it will also thoroughly flush the area and help to get rid of any tainted metabolites. Therefore, once the test is administered, chances are it will not detect anything of that nature. Learn more techniques here: http://www.randomstudentdrugtesting.com/



    If you are a smoker, then you will want to avoid smoking things like cigarettes or cigars within approximate 48 hours of taking the saliva drug test. If you ingest any amount of nicotine within that time, it likely will cause the test to result in a false-positive, which would lead to more problems. In regards to food, you will want to avoid anything containing poppy seeds, such as bagels or specialty breads. Poppy seeds are the most common ingredient used to make opium, which means that these can create false-positives on saliva drug tests as well. If you have ingested any of these substances, as well as any prescribed medication, inform the drug test administrator before the test begins. By doing this, they will be aware that a false-positive may come as a result of the test, even though you have not taken anything illegal.



    One of the best ways to prevent tainted metabolites from being detected in your saliva is to take care of your persona hygiene. For instance, brush your teeth no more than three times per day. While doing this, focus more on the following areas: gum line, tongue, and cheeks. These are the most common areas used and focused on when administering a saliva drug test. Therefore, keeping them clean will likely reduce the chances of the test picking up any tainted metabolites.



    Oftentimes, most employers and/or drug test administrators will allow you to administer a saliva drug test yourself. This is where the biggest possible chance of passing it comes into play. Firstly, when you are given the swab, do not swab between your lower cheek and gum line. Instead, swab your teeth themselves. Next, rather than holding the swab between your lower cheek and gum line, instead clench the swab lightly between your molars. While performing this process, you will want to make it appear as much as possible that you are swabbing the normal area. Following this process explicitly will increase the chances that you will successfully pass the test with zero issues.

  • Why Do Summer Gas Prices Continue To Soar?

    gas-pricesIt seems like almost every time you have to stop at the gas pump for a fill-up, the gas prices are always different. Gas prices appear to fluctuate from week-to-week in many metropolitan cities throughout the country. This situation is more prevalent during the summer months, when gas prices are normally at their highest. There are many different factors that determine the constant rise in gas prices during the summer.

    Depending on where you reside, the summer season usually comes with a majority of sunny weather, along with a rise in temperatures. During this time most people want to get out of the house and start to explore more. Therefore, more vehicles are on the highways, as people take road trips or go on extended family vacations in the summer. These particular activities cause a major jump in gas prices because there is a higher demand for the product with the increase in travel.

    Another factor that results in the rise of gas prices during the summer is the aftermath of natural disasters, such as tropical storms or hurricanes. The chance of major storms taking place within the summer season is very prevalent in a number of areas within the country. When a castastrophe like that occurs, it can cripple many other locations due to major damage to refineries and roadways. Unfortunate weather systems often contribute to gas prices skyrocketing because damaged refineries means that oil supplies can become limited and trucks that deliver the critical product are forced to be delayed, due to roadway obstruction.

    The major factor that determines the price of gas in the summer is switch from winter-grade fuel and summer-grade fuel through seasonal gasoline transition. This alternative was produced through the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and the Reformulated Gasoline Program (RFG) and introduced almost 20 years ago. Experts claim that summer-grade fuel is more expensive than winter-grade fuel because the summer fuel is created with higher quality ingredients. These special ingredients help to contribute to the reduction of air pollution and decrease smog and other pollutants in the metropolitan cities around the country. Basically, it is a more eco-friendly version of the winter grade fuel. And with the scorching temperatures, it is very important to use a form of gas that will burn cleaner and keep people more protected by reducing air toxins.

    The increase of gas prices is definitely something that vehicle owners will have to get used to in the future, especially if continuing to operate fuel-burning vehicles. On the bright side, it is good to know that the extra money out of your pocket is going toward improving the ozone and health of the population. Unfortunately, other situations with the cost of gas are out of our control, which causes us to have to learn how to take the bitter with the sweet.

    For more e-cigarette info, check this Guide to Electronic Cigarette Brands.

  • While Gas Prices Fluctuate, Economy Struggles


    With an economy that’s still struggling to stabilize, the U.S., and other developed countries around the world, monitor the price of oil and all of it’s by-products. Among them is gasoline, which-even with the introduction of hybrid electric cars-is still in high demand around the world. Countries like Saudi Arabia, Russia, The United Arab Emirates, and many others, extract their crude oil from the earth, and then refine it for exportation around the world.

    In 2008 gas prices, at least in the U.S., hit an all time high, going well over $4 dollars a gallon in many states. And while they seem to be holding steady at around $3.50/gallon right now; there’s serious speculation that crude oil prices, and thereby gasoline prices, could see a new record that will be close to or above an extreme $5 dollars a gallon, as early as this summer.

    Rumors of inflation are running rampant with gas and food prices continuing to stay high, and climb even higher. For instance dairy products, especially milk and cheese, have skyrocketed in recent weeks. Milk which used to run around $3.89 is not up to $4.45 per gallon. And if gasoline prices continue to rise, as some suspect they might; plenty of people are going to be spending their paychecks just to top their gas tanks off.

    If you’re thinking that it’s not such a big problem for gas prices to rise, even to such a level, you’d be wrong. Just about everything we use on a daily basis, from groceries, to alcohol, cigarettes, and toiletries, is shipped by some form of transportation that runs on nothing less than a crude oil byproduct. Whether by truck or train which are both run on diesel, the expense to ship these items still spreads across more platforms than just crude oil or gasoline. Consequently, this spike in gasoline prices, even if it’s just for a season, will cause the prices of most goods and services rise as well.

    And straining the already exhausted major economies around the world, could lead to drastic fiscal policies that can’t be undone. For instance, the U.S. Congress just pasted a debt ceiling limit increase that held no strings attached to it, for repayment or bonuses for the more conservative fan base. As everyday, average citizens, most people don’t concern themselves with the everyday economics that make up the fiscal policy of their respective governments. However, if you want to know what you can expect from food, beverage, and just about any other consumable prices; pay attention to the gas pump. It doesn’t lie. Check this No BS Top Electronic Cigarette Rankings if you want to know the ranking of your favorite e-cigarette. No lies here!

    So the next time you stop to fill up, remember that the price you pay at the pump, might be just the tip of the proverbial iceberg, when it comes to your personal economy. Your paycheck may not go nearly as far, if prices continue to rise as some experts have predicted.

  • The Bakken Formation and the ND Oil Boom



    North Dakota has always been thought of as “flyover country.” It’s one of those states that everybody acknowledges, but nobody really thinks about. Recently though, that’s changed. North Dakota is now very much on everyone’s mind, and for one reason: oil.

    In 2006, an oil exploration company found “The Bakken Formation” which is a shale formation that stretches across more than 200,000 square miles, making it the largest continuous accumulation of oil the world has ever known. The US Geological Survey estimates that all told, we’ll be able to extract a staggering 7.4 billion barrels of oil out of the formation (250,000 have been extracted so far), and about 7.6 Trillion cubic feet of natural gas, making this one of the most important energy finds in the country, if not the world.

    We’ve known about the oil potential of shale for decades, but only recently has technology advanced to the point that we can take advantage of it. For instance, the “Green River Gorge” area which stretches from Colorado to Utah to Wyoming could potentially hold even more oil than Bakken, but the problem in that region has always been access to a sufficient amount of water to extract the oil. They’d have to drain the Colorado river completely (and then some) to make it work, and of course, no one is willing to do that! Here’s a willing and honest reviews on the best electronic cigarettes in the market, check this out: http://electroniccigarette-brands.net.

    So that leaves Bakken, and it’s hard to understate the significance of the find. What has made it possible to get the oil out of the ground there is a process called “Hydraulic Fracturing,” also known as ‘frakking’. Frakking has a less than sterling reputation, and there have been reports of people being able to hold a lighter to the tap water coming out of their sinks and igniting it, thanks to the chemicals leeching into the groundwater thanks to the process, but its effectiveness is undeniable. One need only look at the 1% unemployment in the state, and the state’s impressive $1.6 billion dollar budgetary surplus to get a feel for the positive impacts to the economy of the region, so challenges or no, most people there will tell you that the discovery has been a net positive!

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    How E-Cigarettes Can Save You Money on Gas

    Thousands of people who smoke cigarettes have little or no knowledge of how much money they spend on cigarettes every month. The amount of money increases if you factor in the money spent on buying the gas used in lighting the cigarette. In a time when the world is looking for ways of saving fuel, this is the last kind of news that people want to hear. Depending on how much people smoke, the expenses could run up to a hundred dollars every month. It is not necessary to spend this kind of money on cigarettes especially given the present state of the world economy. Fortunately, e-cigarettes are available and smokers may find themselves being in a better position to save tens of dollars in a month simply by making a switch.

    Are you one of the smokers who always feel guilty of polluting the environment, every time you let that smoke into the air? Truth be told, regular smokers contribute to damaging the environment because of the harmful gases released in the process. Studies have shown that the smoke let out during smoking is responsible for approximately 30% of the total pollution in the atmosphere. This is totally surprising and something to be concerned about. It in turn makes a strong case for individuals who are looking for a reason to shift to e-cigarettes that are typically free of smoke because they cause less pollution compared to tobacco cigarettes.

    When comparing the amount of money spent on e-cigarettes and that spent in tobacco cigarettes, the difference is undeniable. Moreover, with e-cigarettes you will not have to rush out in the middle of the night to get cigarettes. E-cigarettes is known for helping people to quit smoking. If you are struggling with putting smoking to an end, the smokeless cigarette, might be what you have been missing all this while. Cravings for ordinary cigarette could get intense and make you drive long distances to get them. Have you ever wondered How Quitting Smoking Can Help You Save on Gas? Besides the actual costs of the regular cigarettes, there is a need to consider the fuel costs involved every time you drive to go buy packets of cigarettes. All of these costs adds up considerably. Be sure to check out the Best Electronic Cigarette Blog’s Halo Electronic Cigarette Review to check out a very good electronic cigarette.

    With e-cigarettes, smokers get the sensation of smoking as well as the ability to save their hard earned money. Besides there is less waste and refilling it is far much cheaper than buying new packets of cigarettes on a daily basis. With e-cigarettes, you only need to change cartridges after several months, representing massive savings over a considerable period of time. Ordinary cigarettes are subject to changes in prices and taxes that fortunately do not apply to e-cigarettes. What is more, the technology is continuously advancing, which means that simpler designs of the e-cigarettes will be created. This means that the e-cigarettes will be much cheaper as time goes by. There is a need for smokers to sit down, do the maths and realize how much they will be saving with e-cigarettes.

  • Do You Know How To Calculate Your Vehicle’s MPG? Here’s How!

    It is common around the world for persons to be seeking ways to cut down on their expenses, as economies are facing hard times. One method of cutting expenses is determining the Miles per Gallon (MPG) of your car. As the name suggests this is knowing per gallon how many miles you will get. When you find this out it will help you in several ways. For example, if next week there is a raise of 25¢ you can easily calculate how your budget will be affected, you will find out if your car is fuel efficient or not, or maybe you notice a change in MPG and you are now getting less, this could be an indication that the car needs servicing.

    Knowing you car’s MPG can be useful in experimenting with techniques to increase the efficiency of the fuel. For instance, your average driving speed is 75 MPH, after your calculations drive at a lower speed and record the MPG again; chances are it will increase. Below is a simple way to calculate your car’s MPG.

    Step 1

    Pull up at your preferred gas station and completely fill your fuel tank. You pocket might feel this one a bit but it is necessary for correct reading.

    Step 2

    After filling up, do not leave the pump before you record your current mileage. This first recorded number is “Mileage A”

    Step 3

    Drive the way you usually do. For a more accurate reading keep driving until your gas tank has passed the half mark. The further you can go without having to fill up again, the better.

    Step 4

    Your tank needs to be filled again. Again for better accuracy, it’s best to use the station you used before and use the first pump too. The pumps might be adjusted differently. With this fill up, take note of the amount of gallons needed to fill the tank. The pump usually displays this. Record this number and call it “Gallons.”

    Step 5

    Make a second recording of the mileage. This figure will be represented as “Mileage B”

    Final Step

    Use this formula for MPG calculation

    (“Mileage B” – “Mileage A”)/Gallons =MPG

    “Mileage A” should be subtracted from “Mileage B”. The result is the amount of miles driven since the last gas fill-up. Then the result should be divided by the amount of “gallons” needed to fill the tank. The final answer is the MPG of your car.

    For a more accurate reading, repeat steps 1-6 more than once. Do these recordings in different driving situations, example driving on the highway versus City driving when you stop more often.

  • Proven Ways To Help Save On Gas and Improve Your Vehicle’s MPG

    There are many ways to improve gas mileage; the first way is to make sure your driving sensibly. When your constantly speeding or putting your foot on the gas/brakes, you are wasting gasoline. It’s safer to drive sensibly, and it can save you money on gas. You should also avoid idling in your car because it can decrease your miles per gallon. Since it only takes a few a few seconds of gasoline to restart your car, the best thing to do is to turn your car off whenever possible. If your turn your car on and off too much, you will wear your starter down. Whenever possible, turn your car off to save your gasoline.

    Whenever possible, your car should be doing the speed limit. The ideal speed limit is going to differ among the different car manufacturers, but you shouldn’t be going over 50 mph. When drivers maintain the ideal speed limit, the car will be getting good gas mileage. On average, you spend an extra 25 cents for every five miles per hour that you drive over 50 mph. You should definitely drive the speed limit because it’s safer. You should make sure your keeping up with the recommended maintenance for the car, so the car’s mechanics are not slowing you down. There are legitimate reasons that people have to get service done to their car, and one of those reasons is because it allows you to save your gasoline.

    You should avoid having heavy items in your car whenever possible. If you have 100 pounds of unnecessary weight in your car, it could reduce your cars ability to maintain good gas mileage. Smaller cars will be affected by a big cargo load more than large cars. You use cruise control on the high way because it will save your gasoline. It can be costly to constantly put your foot on the petal, and take it off the petal. It can also save gasoline to use the car’s overdraft because it helps to cool your engine down. You should make sure your car’s tires have the right pressure because it can waste gasoline if you don’t have the right amount of pressure in your tires.
    These are just some of the things to consider when you want to save money on transportation by obtaining good gas mileage. You should make sure to follow the previous tips when you want to save money on gas!

  • Myths About Saving Gasoline

    As economy keeps on getting harder and harder, many people feel the pinch and have resorted into ways to reduce their car’s gasoline consumption. However most of them have been influenced into certain beliefs that don’t work. Such myths have not helped them in any way as they still have to continue enduring the pain of higher gas prices. The following are some of the myths about how to save on gas.

    Filling the tank in the morning
    This theory says that it is better for one to fill his tank early in the morning when fuel is still cold. Fluids have higher density when temperatures are low and low density when temperatures are high. Temperatures of the gas through the nozzle will vary when it comes out during the day rendering this myth useless and of no benefit to the consumer.

    Changing of air filters;
    Using a clean filter won’t save your fuel in any way though it is good for your car maintenance. Current engines do have sensors that changes air mixture when filter gets clogged preventing air supply from the engine. This normally results in more consumption of fuel and inefficiency in your car’s performance.

    Use of Premium Car Fuel;
    Current fuel prices range at around four dollars, selling premium fuel is very hard due to high prices. Your car’s manual may specify it but the thing that it won’t save on your fuel consumption. Using other fuel will not damage your engine as nowadays engines can do be rescued. It is recommended that you check the instructions in your manual before using anything in your engine.

    Pumping up of car tires;
    This is good in a number of ways. Under-inflated tires are dangerous when braking as they may result in a crash. Under-inflated tires are easy to wear off than those that are properly inflated. It is advisable to pump your tiers correctly as they get you save as you will need less grip in taking brakes and also when turning. The myth that under-inflation of tires save on fuel is just not working.

    Use of alternating current;
    Air conditioning adding extra work to your engine does not work as they are efficient. Aerodynamic drag gets higher and higher when you drive with open windows causing A/C consume more fuel. It is better to close your windows and turn A/C off.

    Pour-ins and Bolt-ins;
    You need to consider the fact that oil companies do compete in the market. In case Bolt-ins and Pour-ins had something that could make your gasoline consumption slow, then many people could be flocking for pumping. So there is nothing that could slow down the burning of gas though currently many of such devices are sold but do not work.